Just in time to support Earth Day on 24 April 2019 and the theme is Plant a Tree Save The Earth—because a green future is a prosperous future. 

JOS Malaysia team visited Taman Tugu Nursery, Kuala Lumpur to support on the Taman Tugu Project and donated MYR5,000 to Free Tree Society.

Taman Tugu is Kuala Lumpur’s newest public green space: a 66-acre urban forest park located off Jalan Parlimen. The site has a long history: first serving as a residential area for British colonial officers, and after independence, Malaysian government officials and civil servants. After a period of disuse, Taman Tugu is now a forest in recovery. 5,000 trees consisting of more than 230 indigenous rainforest species have been reintroduced within the site. This project is aimed to conserve a 66-acre green-lung and turn it into an urban forest park for the community.

Visit www.jos.com.my to learn more.